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NSX & HONDA Sportcars Club

c/o Jean C. Zucker
Route du Gd-St-Bernard 36,
Tel +41 (0)79 2103060
Fax +41(0)27 7851505


Particular Rules

>Take care about the additive to our particular rules, under Fig 2, Standard Honda Cars <

1. The HONDA TROPHY is organised by the NSX & HONDA SPORTCARS CLUB, with the support and cooperation of the marque’s national subsidiaries and/or distributors as well as assistance from sponsors, where relevant

2. The HONDA TROPHY IS OPEN TO HONDA CARS regardless of the year of production from the following categories, however on request a GUESTS class may be opened.

strictly production cars, with no modifications other than the replacement of wheels, tyres, fluids and brake pads. A rollbar is recommended. All the cars admited under N Group in the Swiss Championship are allowed to race in this Category.

Cars that have been modified but are however roadworthy and able at any time to pass a technical control in any European Community country or Switzerland.
However, no changes to the engine are permitted other than the air filter, the air cleaner, the electronic module, the exhaust manifold and the exhaust. A catalytic converter is not compulsory The suspension, springs and dampers must be located in their original positions. The brakes must be approved for the road, but can be mounted with competition pipes. A rollbar is recommended.

Competition cars, prototypes or cars that have been modified in such a way that they no longer comply with the technical standards of the European Community or Switzerland, or those that cannot be driven on the road by their own means. A rollbar is compulsory.

Because each circuit has its own maximum noise level, the value in Db will always be indicated in invitations to circuits. If a car would be more noisy than agreed, this car can not take part to the training and to the races on that circuit.

4. For all STANDARD CARS, only the use of gearbox and axle ratios proposed by HONDA MOTOR Co. in the list of genuine spare parts is authorised.

5. All MODIFIED and PROTOTYPE cars will be required to use tyres of the manufacturer chosen by the organiser, YOKOHAMA. Standard cars could use theor own tyres but preferably is for YOKOHAMA.

6. Cars must be equipped with a safety belt (if possible 4-point harness), which must be worn at all times during tests and races.

7. A helmet and an FIA-1986 or FIA 8856-2000 -approved fireproof overall and gloves must be worn at all times during tests and races.

8. Competitors enter their cars in good faith in one or other of the categories. In the event of manifest cheating in the standard and modified categories, cars will automatically be placed in the prototype category for the entire duration of the HONDA TROPHY or prohibited, according to the decision of the jury.

9. The HONDA TROPHY comprises a total of 4 to 6 events held in Europe. Since two stages are held each time on the same circuit, each one gives rise to a separate ranking and to the allocation of points in accordance with art. 12 and 13. Points can also count for double.

10. A jury will be appointed by the organiser for each event as follow: one technical marshall, one sportmarshall and a race director.

11. The decisions of the jury are final.

12.Rankings will be established for each event in each of the three categories and the following points will be awarded :
1st 50 points  6th 15 points
2nd 40          7th 10
3rd 30           8th 5
4th 25           9th 1
5th 20

13. Points for the DIJON races count normally, also for the short race of MAGNY-COURS. Endurance race in MAGNY-COURS will count triple. Races from MAS DU CLOS and CHARADE do count for double points. The SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS endurance race will count triple, while the 10 lap heat will count single. The best test times in each category will be rewarded with 10 points per circuit those who attend – A starting bonus of 10 points will be awarded to participants who withdraw during the race, but who are actually present on the starting line.

14. In the event of participation in all heats, competitors will receive a bonus of 100 points, in all categories. These points can only be scored in one category per participant.

15. The general ranking will be established by adding up the points obtained in all heats.

16. In the event of equality at the end of the season, the best test results will be decisive.

17. Competitors undertake to display on their cars the trademarks and logos of sponsors of the HONDA TROPHY using exclusively the self-adhesive stickers supplied by the organiser, affixed in locations specified by the organiser. Competitors are free to affix other logos of their own sponsors.

18. Cars must display on the right-hand and left-hand doors the race numbers supplied by the organiser.

19. Each participant enters and takes part under his own responsibility. The organiser declines all responsibility with regard to competitors, drivers, assistants and other third parties in respect of personal injury and material damage. Each participant is solely responsible for his insurance.

20. By their participation in events of the HONDA TROPHY, participants or their beneficiaries formally waive all right to claim compensation in the event of an accident affecting themselves or their assistants during tests or events, as well as on connecting roads. This waiver is also valid with regard to the organiser, HONDA MOTOR Co., HONDA MOTOR EUROPE and its subsidiaries and distributors, as well as groups or sponsors lending their cooperation.

21. Licenses are requested for all competitors who want to drive the HONDA TROPHY.

22. Prizes will be awarded at the end of year dinner organised by the Club.

23. In case of doubt in the English version of the particular rules, the French version is determining.

Cully (CH), december 2004.

Rules Standard HONDA TROPHY


I Provisional programme
II Organisation
III General provisions
IV Obligations of participants
V Administrative control, technical verification
VI Event procedures
VII Rankings

I Provisional programme (example)
xx.xx.xxxx 24.00 h Registration deadline (postmark)
xx.xx.xxxx 00.00–00.00 h Optional verifications
xx.xx.xxxx 00.00–00.00 h Official technical verifications
00.00–00.00 h Official practice
xx.xx.xxxx 00.00–00.00 h Race heats
00.00 h Awards ceremony
The final programme will be communicated to registered drivers with the «final instructions», after the registration deadline.

II Organisation

Art. 1 General
1.1 The NSX & HONDA SPORTCARS CLUB organises the HONDA TROPHY 2005 circuit races
1.2 These rules have been approved by the NSC of the ASS under certificate
N° HD0503, dated December 3rd, 2004

Art. 2 Organisation committee, secretariat, officials
2.1 The President of the Organisation Committee is
c/o Jean C. Zucker – Route du Gd-St-Bernard 36, CH 1933 - SEMBRANCHER, tel +41 (0)79 2103060,
fax +41(0)27 7851505. The address of the secretariat is the same until the day before the competitions
2.2 Race Director Jean C. Zucker, tel +41217992455
Deputy Race Director Alexandre Russo tel +41217992455
Event Secretary. Marianne Russo tel +41217992455
Sport Marshalls Nicolas Fatio
Technical Marshalls Daniel Bornand
Timekeeping/IT. AFC Micro
JURY Jean C. Zucker – Daniel Bornand – Nicolas Fatio

Art. 3 Official display board
All communications and decisions of the Race Direction and/or Sport Marshalls will be displayed at the following location(s): Race Direction display board

III General provisions

Art. 4 Reservations, official text
4.1 The organiser reserves the right to supplement these rules or issue additional provisions or instructions that shall become integral to them. It also reserves the right to cancel or suspend the event in the case of insufficient participation, force majeure or unforeseeable events, and accepts no liability for compensation.
4.2 The jury is authorised to rule on any case not specified in the standard rules and particular rules.
4.3 In the event of a dispute concerning interpretation of the rules, the only authentic text is that written in French.

IV Obligations of participants

Art 5 Line up for the start
5.1 Participants shall line up on the provisional starting grid at least 20 minutes before their theoretical starting time. Drivers not present at the start at their allotted time may be excluded from the competition.
5.2 Before each race, a briefing for drivers takes place on the provisional starting grid. The presence of each driver is compulsory.

Art. 6 Advertising
6.1 Any form of advertising is permitted on vehicles, provided
– it is permitted by national laws
– it is not offensive.
Side windows must remain free of all advertising materials.

Art. 7 Signalling, behaviour on the track
7.1 The following signalling may be used during practice and the race and must be strictly observed:
By the race direction on the starting/finishing line:
– Swiss flag Start
– B/w chequered flag Finish, end of the race
– Red flag Practice or race stopped (a red flag is also waved by the Marshall points)
– Black and white With start number: final warning before
- diagonal the black flag
- Black flag With start number: compulsory stop at boxes next time round
– Black flag With start number: technical fault, stop with orange disc at boxes next time round
– Green flag Track clear / Start for warm-up lap
By Marshall points on the circuit:
– Yellow flag 1 x waved: Danger on track perimeter, no overtaking
2 x waved: Track totally or partially obstructed, no overtaking
– Yellow flag with vertical Slippery surface, change red stripes adherence
– Green flag Track clear, cancellation of yellow flag
– White flag Waved: You are closing on a much slower vehicle
– Light blue flag Waved: You are going to be overtaken by a faster car
– Red flag Stop practice or race (red flag on finishing line), return slowly to boxes, no overtaking
7.2 Vehicle movement across the track or in the direction opposite to that of the race is strictly prohibited, unless specified by race officials or the Race Director. Any failure to observe this rule will result in exclusion, subject to other penalties, and referral to the relevant NSC.
7.3 If a driver is forced to interrupt his heat due to a mechanical or other problem, he must immediately park and leave his vehicle off the track
7.4 Failure to enter a chicane or a slowdown curve will attract a one-minute penalty to be added to the race time. Repeated failure may result in exclusion.
7.5 Practice laps during which a driver misses a chicane or a slowdown curve will not be taken into account for the starting grid.

V Administrative control, technical verification

Art. 8 Administrative control and technical verification
8.1 Administrative control will follow the organiser’s detailed timetable.
8.2 Participants must present themselves in person to the administrative control
8.3 Technical verification will take place in accordance with the organiser’s detailed timetable. The final deadline for technical verification will be specified as an essential requirement in the «final instructions»
8.4 For vehicle identification and the control of safety measures, vehicles must without fail be presented for technical verification.

VI Event procedures

Art. 9 Start, finish, timekeeping
9.1 The start takes place with cars at a standstill; cars are lined up in the 2-2-2 system.
9.2 Starting positions will be determined by the best times achieved during practice. The driver who achieves the best time is entitled to the best starting position (= difference according to circuits.). If several drivers record the same time, priority will be given to the driver who recorded it first.
9.3 For the standing start, the starting lights have the following meanings:
RED on: Remain at a standstill and prepare for the start.
RED off: Start.
YELLOW flashing: Remain at a standstill and switch off your engines (if the yellow light comes on after the red, the latter must stay on).
9.4 Any driver who makes a false start (leaves his allotted start position before the start signal) will receive a one minute penalty to be added to his race time. Other penalties may be applied by the Sport Marshalls.
In the event of a false start, the penalty (1 min.) will be communicated to the driver on the track and to teams (for at least 2 laps) by the simultaneous presentation, on the starting/finishing line:
– of a sign indicating the number of the driver at fault;
– of a sign indicating the penalty (1 min.)
Where possible, the penalty will also be announced by loudspeaker.
9.5 As soon as the first car has covered the prescribed distance and crossed the finishing line, the race will be stopped without taking into account the number of laps completed by other drivers. As soon as the finishing line has been crossed (chequered flag waved), drivers will complete one lap of the circuit at reduced speed (overtaking prohibited) before entering the parc fermé / will return immediately to the parc fermé (see particular rules).
9.6 Timekeeping is carried out to within at least 1/100 sec.

Art. 10 Practice
10.1 Only vehicles that have passed the technical verification will be eligible for practice.
10.2 To be admitted to the starting line, each driver must have completed at least 3 timed practice laps. Special cases will be referred to the Sport Marshalls.
10.3 The best lap time achieved during practice is taken into account for the allotment of race starting positions

VII Ranking

Art.11 Ranking
11.1 The ranking will be established on the basis of the number of laps completed and the corresponding total time.
11.2 In the event of a dead heat, the best lap time in the race will be decisive.

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